Monday, July 3, 2017

Nasty Guests: Will Meacock and Stephanie

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Will Meacock
We had guests that were just nasty.  Will Meacock and Stephanie Kaldewey and their two children.

The children had vomited all over the bed sheets and mattresses.  Apparently from  food (cream pasta from previous hotel). Not a word about it before they left. 

There was a safari Booked and Breakfast and Lunch to go, Will Meacock cancelled it after the Jeep arrived halfway.  We did not ask for a cancellation fee, neither did Will Meacock offer one.
Of course Will ate into the breakfast sandwiches. We did not ask to be paid, neither did Will offer.  What more can one expect of a member of the tribe.
Stephanie Kaldewey
At Wilpattu House we expect all guests to sit and eat together. Will and Stephanie and children did sit down with others.  Two very young women (less than 25) from the UK and a family fromDenmark (two children around 12 years old)

Will and Stephanie were quite aloof (maybe arrogant).  They did often drop that they were doctors in the UK.  Stephanie (Kaldewey) had an accent, and I asked what was the accent, she said she was German.  Not a word that she was Jewish. 
Will Meacock was trying to pass of as English.  OK he is British.   But he is of Jewish origin.

There is a pattern of denial.  Be Honest of your origins.

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