Friday, August 30, 2019

Elephant Destruction because of Aruwakkalu / Wilpattu Garbage Landfill

A Garbage Landfill has been started at Aruwakkalu / Wilpattu adjoining the Puttalam Lagoon .  The site is at an old Limestone quarry pit, which had been allowed to become a forest.  A herd of Elephants used to live in this forest and make occasional walks to the flood plains near Gangewadiya.

The Garbage Landfill has destroyed the forest at the old  Limestone quarry pit.  It also prevents the elephants going to the forest between the garbage landfill and the Puttalam Lagoon (see image below).  As a result the herd of elephants are now living in the outskirts of the Eluvamkulama Village and Gangewadiya Village.

The elephant herd now has a limited area to live (habitat) and food sources.  The herd and lone males are coming into the village, destroying crops and trees.  It is just a matter of time for loss of human life.


a) Should the elephants be relocated.  There is not enough area/habitat for elephants to live now that the garbage Landfill and limestone quarry does not allow them to use the forest nearby.

b) Should Landfill operation pay compensation to villagers for crop and tree damage.

Two examples / photos of crop damage below.
a) Raja a 62 year old villager.  He had planted two acres of coconut and bananas.  The coconut trees were just about to start bearing (5 years).  Not a single tree left by the elephant incursion.  His retirement plan has gone to the dogs (elephants).

b) Coconut trees destroyed in my property

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Area Map. Click on Image for Google Maps,79.8500153,4609m/data=!3m1!1e3

Destruction at Rajas
Raja's words on his age (64) and expectation of income
Elephant Damage at Raja's property

Elephant Damage at Raja's property

Elephant Damage at Wilpattu House

Elephant Damage at Wilpattu House

Elephant Damage at Wilpattu House

Elephant Damage at Wilpattu House

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