Sunday, November 6, 2022

Hoopoe bird. Sinhala; පොරුව කුරුල්ලා Poruwa kurulla

 Hoopoe bird. Sinhala;  පොරුව කුරුල්ලා Poruwa kurulla Tamil: Chaval kuruvi

I got to see a Hoopoe Bird in the garden. I have never seen one despite umpteen safari trips to the nearby Wilpattu National Park.   Normally, I make my coffee and sit in front of computer reading news and other bullshit  This was in June 2022 with many power cuts. So no computer  and so sat outside drinking my coffee

Fe Fi Fo Fum, what did I see but a Hoopoe Bird. It was about 20 feet away pecking on grass seed (note need to get camera with decent zoom) . Guess  what a hour later walking to the gate I see two pairs of Hoopoe  birds.

At  this rate I going to see some of the animals of Sri Lanka I have not seen, dancing a jig in the garden.  Pangolin (the old world version of Armadillo), Jungle Cat and Rusty Spotted Cat (the smallest cat) and a Sloth Bear.  I would not mind a Fishing Cat thrown in, though I seen a pair near my sisters house which is  on the edge of the Negombo Lagoon.


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