Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Kumari, iconic Managerress and Chef of Wilpattu House passes away.

 RIP: SriKumari Chitranganie JayakodyArachige  (1972 Oct 23 to 2023 Aug 24th) 
Would have been 51 on Oct 23rd.

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Kumari passed away at General Hospital Colombo, around 7:00pm August 24th (Thursday). She would have been 51 on Oct 24th
About 10 days ago her right leg was amputated above her knee due to diabetic complications.
The hospital then discharged her a couple of days later.
At home with her daughter, she complained of difficulty in breathing on Thursday 24th.
She was taken back to Colombo and put on oxygen etc.
A few hours later she passed away..
Her daughter Madumali asked me to let everyone she knew and specially those who helped over the last few years be informed and gratitude for the help given.

Kumari was a force to be reckoned, a livewire. and a character not easily forgotten. She lasted this long because of her mental and physical strength despite her severe diabetic complications.

Another facet of Kumari was that she was not a racist.
At around the age of 14 or so Her parents were killed by the LTTE at Vellamundalama.
Vellamunadalama was a migrant fishing hamlet (Wadiya) a few km north of Gangewadiaya and about 10km North East of Eluwankulama.

When Kumari came to Eluwankulama she did not know she was going to place near her childhood times.
There was this lady, Theresa whose husband and son had been part of those who killed her parents.
For a few years Theresa lived about 50m from Kumaris place.
Theresa used to come and "borrow" money, sugar rice the works. Even better used to wash clothes and bathe in Kumari's premises.
I was the one who was annoyed and angry. and asked Kumari to ignore them. Kumari would say "Aney pauw" they have nothing.

50+ migrant fisher folk (including children) were killed in Vellamundalama in 1990.  The decomposed mutilated bodies were brought back to their respective villages south of Negombo and buried in the local cemetery.  Seen the headstone with 20 odd names in Dungalpitiya


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