Saturday, July 8, 2023

Galle Fort: Corals and Fish in Waist Deep Water

The title says it all. The location is to the right of the cliff diving rock (while looking out to the ocean. See photo below). There are steps in front of Rampart Hotel to a small beach. Use a mask and snorkel or even swimming goggles to see the fish. Its too bad the underwater camera I brought to specifically to capture this area is at the bottom of the Dodanduwa Lagoon.

The corals and fish are one tenth of what we saw as children about 40 years ago (we were sent here to our grandmothers for the school holidays). That said its still a wonderful experience.

Many thanks to my cousin Ranjan Perumal and his friends Praki (Parakramabahu) Thomas, Errol Thomas, Intaco De Silva and many others who took the time to show us how to look around in the sea.

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